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See "What is a UniqueID?" below if you are unsure of your UniqueID.
See "What is an Oracle Password?" below if you are unsure of your Oracle password.
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What is a UniqueID?

All faculty, staff and students are assigned a unique identifier, referred to as a UniqueID. This identifier or "UniqueID" has a maximum of 8 characters and is a combination of the first 6 characters of your last name and the first letter of your legal first and middle name.

Example: John Q. Smith's UniqueID might be smithjq

What is an Oracle Password?

An Oracle password is the password that you use to protect university information within the administrative systems. It is possible to have more than one Oracle Password. In most cases, you will be managing your PROD password which is typically used to log into native Banner or one of the reporting tools, Brio Report Builder or WebFOCUS. This password is separate from your MUnet password.