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Topic: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs - AE

The sessions are intended to provide students with information regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs and the impact on their lives. The programs focus on risk reduction and use evidence based curricula. The Alternatives Education program, based on the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), is a two-hour risk reduction program. Goals include: participants identify individual level of risk and determine what is low risk for themselves, and provide information about alcohol and its use. The Chemical Abuse Education Program (CAEP) is a four- hour intervention program. The focus of CAEP 105 is alcohol and CAEP 106 is Other Drugs. Both programs are based on the Prevention Research Institute (PRIme for Life) model. Topics include a self-assessment; phases of alcohol and drug use; issues of illegal drug use; impairment issues; and five steps to risk reduction. The complete PRIme for Life program is available through the Office of Student Wellness, 102 Health Services Center. Contact Leslie Haxby McNeill at 529-5047 or e-mail

Workshop Code Workshop Name Sessions
GSP Good Samaritan Program 0
JAF-105 Chemical Abuse Education Program 105 - Alcohol 0
JAF-106 Chemical Abuse Education Program 106 - Other Drugs and Alcohol 0
JAF-ALT Alternatives Education Program 0
JAF-TEC Tobacco Education Program 0

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