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Course List Instructions and Notes

Use the selection boxes on the left to narrow your course search based on selection criteria such as Campus, Subject, Term, etc. This application does not require logging into BannerWeb.

Please note: Course offerings/schedule/fees are subject to change, and all courses and credit workshops are enrollment contingent.

Effective Fall 2013
- BOT and ZOO Subjects have combined as BIO

Effective Fall 2014
- SCA courses are now listed as CCA
- CPE courses are now listed as CPB
- Some COM courses are now listed as MAC
- EAS courses are now listed as CEC

Course descriptions can be accessed as follows:

  • Visit
  • Click on the link for the most recent version of the General Bulletin
  • Click on 'Courses of Instruction' on the left-hand side
  • Click on the subject and course of interest

The options in the search criteria on the Left panel are as follows:

Term Code: Select the term from the pull down menu.

Campus: Select the campus to be displayed
(ex. Oxford, Middletown, Hamilton, Luxembourg, Hold CTRL (on PC) or Command (Mac) to Select Multiple Campuses).

Subject Code: Select the department (ex. ACC, ENG, NSC) for the desired course.
(Hold CTRL (on PC) or Command (Mac) to Select Multiple Subject Areas, maximum of 5 selections)

Open/Closed: Select from All Courses, Closed Courses, or Open Courses.

Attribute: Allows you to narrow your search to specific Miami Plan, Honors, Online, Hybrid, and Interactive Video courses.
(Hold CTRL (on PC) or Command (Mac) to Select Multiple Attributes.

Course Number: Enter the desired course number, or leave blank for all courses. To omit the course number and simply search for any courses in the desired subject, leave the field blank.

CRN (Course Reference Number): Enter the CRN for the course if it is known. If the five-digit course reference number is unknown, leave blank.

Course Title: If only the title of the course is known, enter in the corresponding box. If not, leave the field blank. You may use a '%' along with a portion of the text.

Part of Term: Select one Part of Term (ex. First 5 weeks, Last 5 weeks) or leave blank for all parts of term.

Level: Choose from Graduate or Undergraduate or leave blank for both levels.

Start Time/End Time: Choose desired start/ends times for courses or leave
blank to return all possible times.

Days: Choose the desired meeting days.

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